Achuka – Children’s Books UK,     (02-28-01)
Book Hive,   (10-18-05)
Bookhive: Your Guide to Children’s Literature,      (02-28-01)
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, Contact:  bccb(at)  Subscription-based but selected information is free.  (02-28-01)
Canadian Children’s Literature,     Contact:  ccl(at)   (02-28-01)
Carol Hurst’s Children’s Literature Site,      Contact:  rebecca(at)  (02-26-01)
Children’s Book Awards, Extensive listing of sites for award information. (10-27-01)
Children’s Book Recommendations By Mama Lisa,    Contact:  lisa(at)   (02-28-01)
Children’s Book Reviews – Reviews from Parent Council, Contact: editor(at)
Children’s Literature Web Guide,   or Contact: dkbrown(at)  (02-28-01)
Children’s Software and New Media Revue,    (02-28-01)
Kate Marley’s Children’s Book Reviews,    Contact: kate(at) (02-28-01)
Nancy Matson’s Book Reviews,    Contact:  nancy(at)  (02-28-01)
Newbery Award books,
Newbery Winners,
Notes From The Windowsill, Contact: web(at)  (02-28-01)
The Reading Corner,    Contact:  rkerby(at)  (02-28-01)
Reading Matters, Contact:  webmaster(at)  (02-28-01)
Spaghetti Book Club,    (02-28-01)
Story Time Review,     (02-28-01)

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