Maharashtra colleges to get 10 per cent additional seats

Anticipating that there would more applications in the senior colleges for the first year admissions, the varsity has received a go-ahead from the state government to allot 10 per cent additional seats so that they can accommodate an additional lot of students since the pass percentage of class XII increased this year.

However, officials clarified that the university would verify how many applications the colleges have received and what is their intake capacity and only after that that additional seats will be allotted to them.
Since the number of students passing the class XII exams has increased, it was anticipated that there would be mad rush for the admissions in the first-year at senior colleges in the city. Considering this, the colleges had requested the state government to allot more seats so that they can accommodate extra students since the colleges have a fixed intake capacity for each stream.

“We have received permissions for an additional 10 per cent seats from the state government. However, it will not be given randomly as the varsity will verify the claims of the colleges by going there and verifying whether they really require the seats or not,” said Dr VB Gaikwad, director of Board of Colleges and University Development, University of Pune.

He added the teams from the varsity will go and check what is the intake capacity of the college, how many applications they have received and on that basis the 10 per cent additional seats will be given to them.
Dhananjay Kulkarni, member of University Development Forum, said that the varsity should make sure that all the admissions in the colleges are done on the basis of merit and not through the management quota.

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