Use these tools to draw out your maximum potential and refocus on what’s important
In today’s fast-paced world, we don’t want to waste any more time than necessary.
Here are some highly useful and innova tive web resources that will help make you more productive: CLEAR FOCUS This timer uses the Pomodoro Technique to pre vent you from wasting time on distractions. Instead, it helps you focus by alternating work sessions with small breaks.
·         COFFITIVITY It has been proven that people work better with white noise in the background.
This site replicates the sound of a coffee shop to achieve the perfect combination of calm and commotion. It’ll help you get your creative juices flowing so you won’t feel stuck.
·         DO NOTHING FOR 2 MINUTES Although it seems coun terintuitive, this website is the perfect way to refocus your mind after a hard meeting or stressful call, all in just under 120 seconds.
·         DOODLE Trying to schedule a meeting? You never need to endure tedious email threads about everyone’s available times again. Instead, use Doodle to identify a few potential windows of time and collaborate with others.
·         EVERNOTE This simple yet sophisti cated note-taking app is legendary for productiv ity. It organises your notes, allows you to search for text within an image, captures everything from PDF to web pages, and even has a Webclipper so you can save anything with a single click.
·         FOCUSWRITER T his tool provides a si mple, d i st r ac t ion free writing environment. You get a nice, full-screen blank canvas to focus on the next paper you have to write. It also includes timers, alarms, goal setting, themes, typewriter sound effects, and spell checking.
·         HOOTSUITE If you need to manage multiple social media accounts, this is the site for you. Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that helps you save time and stop procrastinating on Twitter and Facebook by scheduling posts for the upcoming weeks.
·         POCKET Use Pocket to help you store i n for mation, links, and images so you can search through them later. It’s also great for bookmarking things to read for later.
·         PRODUCTIVITY OWL This Google Chrome ex tension will force you to be more productive. An owl follows you to every website you visit and swoops across the page when you’re not being productive.
·         SELFCONTROL This incredibly useful app temporarily blocks you from any distractions or addicting sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Youtube.
·         It’s only for Mac users, but don’t worry -Cold Turkey has the same functions, specifically made for Windows users.
·         UNROLL ME When you sign up, you’ll find a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe from whatever you don’t want. For subscriptions you want to keep, Unroll Me will “roll“ them into one message so you can see them at a glance.
·         WAKERUPPER This site provides you simple telephone re minders, so you can set a wake-up call at a specific time, remind yourself of important events or even remember to take your medication on time.
·         WORKFLOWY With this tool, you’ll be able to unclutter, as it helps you organise personal to-dos, collaborate on team projects, take notes, write research. papers, keep a journal, plan a huge event, and much more
Source| Economic Times | 2 July 2014

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