Shiva Trilogy


Author- Amish
Publishers- Westland
Pages- 565
Cost- Rs 350
ISBN- 978-93-82618-34-8

The Oath of the Vayuputras is the third and final book in the Shiva Trilogy written by Amish Tripati. This book is a fitting ending to the Shiva Trilogy though I didn’t like the climax much. The protagonists of the book are Shiva, Sati, Parvatheswar, Karthik, Kali, Ganesh, Brahaspathi, Gopal and many more as the author has done a wonderful job in giving everyone equal roles.

The book takes over the narration work form the second book the Secrets of The Nagas. Shiva is astounded to know that that Brahaspathi is still alive. In this book, the true evil is found. The emperors of Meluha and Swadeep join hands to take down the Neelkanth. And also the master puppeteer who controlled the emperors is also understood. Shiva declares war against the two kingdoms and the armies of both sides goes with their dharma. Shiva meets the Vayuputras, the Vasudevs and also may other tribes. A great war follows and may important people die. I didn’t like the climax of the story but that won’t stop you from reading this book as all the others are interesting parts. The book ends with the destruction of a major city and then it tells us what happened afterwards. What is the true evil? Who is this master puppeteer? Which city gets destroyed? Who are the Vayuputras? You may have many questions in your mind but its really exciting to seek out answers instead of just getting them. So grab this book to know how an ordinary man like us became a Mahadev.

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