Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers


Author- Franklin W Dixon
Publishers- Aladdin Paperbacks
Pages- 176
Cost- Rs 150
ISBN- 978-1-4169-0004-7

Boardwalk Bust is the third great adventure of Frank and Joe Hardy as agents of ATAC ( American Teens Against Crime ), the book written by Franklin W Dixon. The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers is a new series featuring the Hardy Boys in which they have do solve the crimes secretly rather than with every one knowing.

The story starts with the young sleuths being buried alive in a heap of corn, due to their last case. After a case that scary, the boys look forward to a quiet holiday. But it seems that the word holiday does not fall in their lives. When a girl selling cookies delivers their next case, they know it’s going to be interesting. Ocean Grove is a wonderful place for tourists. With a wonderful beach and a lot of things to enjoy, it would be a top priority. But when something big such as stealing of diamonds happen, one knows there is trouble there. So ATAC sends the Hardys to investigate. With ‘auspicious’ beginnings,  the story is awesome. There are many turning points in the plot which really fun when you read it. With suspect profiles, separate narrations by the brothers and first person narration, the book is great. So grab this book and enjoy!

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