Wings of Fire by A. P. J. Abdul kalam

Wings of Fire by A. P. J. Abdul kalam


I feel myself very fortunate to read this book “Wings of Fire” which is an autobiography of the former President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. In this book he tells us the story of a Muslim boy, who had a big dreams about his future and what inspired him to become an eminent scientist. The narration is simple, direct and shows how a boy with humble background from a remote corner of India could dream of aeronautics, rocket science and missiles. In the book he touches so many things like his family and the cordial relationship between Hindus and Muslims.

The books start with his personal information regarding his family, tradition, childhood and education. Then he shares his experience of those days which he spent in India’s premier R & D organizations like DRDO and ISRO. Throughout this book he shares those moments, which inspired me the most.

“Beautiful hands are those that do work

That are earnest and brave and true

Moments by moment, the long day through!

This book is a must read for every Indian especially for youth. It is great source of inspiration for those young guys   who want to achieve something in their lives.

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