Schools adopt novel techniques to encourage reading habit

Schools adopt novel techniques to encourage reading habit
In order to develop reading habits among children, city schools are coming up with innovative techniques. These ideas range from introducing child-friendly magazines for students to read at school, to making provisions for comics in their e-libraries, and even adopting a theme for a certain period in class.
Some schools are promoting reading as they believe it will help keep children away from television. Other institutes are of the opinion that reading habits may improve their students’ English.
JBCN International School, Borivli, has welcomed the NatGeo channel to distribute magazines in school. Fatima Agarkar, managing trustee, JBCN said, “Children spend too much time watching TV. Our hope is that they read “controlled” text in different ways to occupy themselves, which is always more rewarding.”
St Andrew’s High School, Bandra, too, is of a similar view. The school has an e-library which students from std I to X can use.
School principal Fr Magi Murzello said, “The e-library will help our children not only improve their English, but also infuse a healthy reading habit in them.”
Oberoi International School is observing “Literacy Week”. and calling celebrities like renowned Irish storyteller Niall De Burca, who will promote the importance of reading.
Explaining the theme that the school has adopted, Puja Srivastava, member of the school leadership team, said, “The theme, DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) is for 15mins in class. Each day, students are told the time when they have to drop everything and read.”
Source | Daily News Analysis | 19 September 2014

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