Green Olympiad

The GREEN Olympiad is India’s first annual examination on environmental issues for middle and senior school students. The examination is designed innovatively to test the knowledge of students and also educate and sensitize them in the process. One of its kind in India, the GREEN Olympiad asks questions on air and water pollution, environment-friendly initiatives and practices, land and water resources, forests, wildlife, oceans, socio-economic aspects of natural resources, global climate change, and the roles of society to improve our environment.

The exam is open to students from Standard 8, 9, 10 . The schools should be affiliated to recognized educational Boards and trusts. PRIVATE COACHING INSTITUTE AND SIMILAR ENTITIES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE. Individual registration from students is not accepted.

A school can nominate as many students as it wishes. There is no upper limit to the number of nominations from a school. However, a minimum of 20 students per school is required for registration to the examination.

The GREEN Olympiad finally culminates into TERRAQUIZ, the first environmental quiz programme for school students. TERRAQUIZ is a 13-episode quiz programme based on topics of daily concern, local as well as global. Each year, seven teams from each of the four zones and four teams from outside India are selected to participate in TERRAQUIZ. It is an interactive quiz and the rounds are designed on the lines of a game show. Attractive audio-visuals impart a unique flavour.

The theme for GREEN Olympiad and TERRAQUIZ 2012 is ‘Me and my Environment ‘.

Examination Date:There is an option to choose the examination date this year either on August 25 or September 29, 2012

Registration Fee: Rs. 35/-

Last Date: To register for the Green Olympiad 2012, send in your applications along with the registration form and draft (details in the registration form) so that it reaches TERI by 23 July 2012

Completed registration forms with the bank draft should be sent to
Educating Youth for Sustainable Development
Darbari Seth Block
IHC Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi 110 003

For preparation you may refer to the books available in our library on Environment. Sample papers and previous year question papers for the Green Olympiad is also available. Take the Online Environment Quiz.

For further information and registration form visit Green Olympiad Website


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