BOOK REVIEW: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Name of the  Book: The Diary  of  a  Wimpy  Kid
Author: Jeff  Kinney
Cost: Rs  225
Number  of  Pages : 217
Publication:  Puffin  Books
 The  Diary of  a  Wimpy  Kid , the Ugly  Truth , written  by  Jeff  Kinney  is  really  an interesting   book. This  was  the  first  Wimpy  Kid  that  I  read. This  book  is  written  in  simple  English , so it  is  easy  for  young  readers  to  understand . This  book  centers  around  Greg  and  Rowley .This  book  tells  us  about  the  happenings of  Greg’s home  life  , school  life  etc…It’s  just  fun . Here , Greg has two  brothers, a  younger  one  and  an  older  one . He  also  has  a mother, a  father , a  grandma  and  so  many  uncles.  My  favourite  character  is  Greg  as  he  has  so  many  role. ” Wimpy  Kid ”  also  has  many  other  series . Rowley  and  Greg  were  in  a  great  fight , but  before  the  fight  began   they  were  really   good  friends. Then  Greg  was  all  alone . He  had  nobody  to  talk  with  him. After  that  he  planned  to  participate  in  Preechy  Breeze . When  it  was  his  turn  he  slipped  and  fell  down.
 Uncle  Gary  is  really  a  interesting  man , he  was  going  to  marry  for  the  third  time. Then  the  story  will  tell  about  the  adventures  of  Greg  going  to  the  dentist , trying  to  save  the  egg  and  so  on . Anyway the  book  was  really  enjoyable. I think  you  all  will  try  to  read  this  book  and  find  the  remaining  part  of  the  story.

ley .This book tells us about the happenings of Greg’s home life , school life etc…It’s just fun . Here , Greg has two brothers, a younger one and an older one . He also has a mother, a father , a grandma and so many uncles. My favourite character is Greg as he has so many role. ” Wimpy Kid ” also has many other series . Rowley and Greg were in a great fight , but before the fight began they were really good friends. Then Greg was all alone . He had nobody to talk with him. After that he planned to participate in Preechy Breeze . When it was his turn he slipped and fell down. Uncle Gary is really a interesting man , he was going to marry for the third time. Then the story will tell about the adventures of Greg going to the dentist , trying to save the egg and so on . Anyway the book was really enjoyable. I think you all will try to read this book and find the remaining part of the story.

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